“Divine Lockout” – Rev. George F. Dole

In this piece, Swedenborgian scholar and theologian Rev. George F. Dole explores the biblical epic of the relationship between the divine and the human, as understood through Swedenborg’s esoteric scriptural exegesis.


Click below for a printable PDF version of Rev. Dole’s article:

Divine Lockout – Rev. George F. Dole


Rev. George Dole has been a renowned scholar of Swedenborg’s works, as well as an ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church of North America for many decades.

He lives in Bath, Maine with his wife, and continues to contribute immensely to Swedenborgian scholarship, ministry and discourse.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    To the Swedenborg Foundation
    Talking about joining the fields of Science and Spirituality, I would like to suggest that my newly released, little, Kimble book called ‘Next Step’ may be of interest to you. I have not given Amazon exclusive rights over it and it might give you some more clarity on Swedenborg’s writings. Science and Spirituality have never been separated in my mind and I hold the Swedenborgians in the highest regard for that sentiment also.
    As I am certain that the more rigid scientists will ignore the findings given in the ‘Next Step’ I am equally certain that mankind will adopt them at some point in the, hopefully not too distant, future. Regards, Dave Townsend


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