ODB Artist Portrait: The Music of Ken Turley

In this interview with ODB’s Rev. Thom Muller, Rev. Ken Turley shares about his artistic journey as a musician, what has moved him spirituallly and musically, and some recent projects he’s been working on.

Click below for a printable version of our interview with Rev. Turley:

You can check out Rev. Turley’s music on his YouTube channel:


Rev. Ken Turley, now retired after 30 years as parish minister and serving as president of Convention, and his wife Laurie, live in Bridgton, ME. While she continues her career as a public school music teacher, Ken devotes his time to composing music, producing music videos, gardening and keeping house. Performing and rehearsing have ground to a halt with the isolation required by the virus, but the  more solitary aspects of his life continue unabated. 

3 thoughts on “ODB Artist Portrait: The Music of Ken Turley

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ken is an awesome person and has been a good friend and Spiritual Leader to me. He has an adventurous spirit and we have had some great times together.


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