“Social Justice is the New Jerusalem” -Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence

From its beginnings in late eighteenth-century England and continuing up to the present day, a careful debate has cropped up from time to time within the Swedenborgian tradition as to what extent social justice issues might be broached in church discourse. The answering light shimmers from the New Jerusalem itself.

Click below for a printable PDF version of Rev. Lawrence’s sermon:

Social Justice is the New Jerusalem


Rev. Dr. James F. Lawrence has been an ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church of North America for several decades, and has served in a variety of ministries. He currently serves as dean of the Center for Swedenborgian Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, where he is a core doctoral faculty member, as well as assistant professor of Christian Spirituality and Historical Studies at Pacific School of Religion. He is an active member of the board of the Swedenborg Foundation.


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