Spirit and Faerie – Eleanor Schnarr

In this piece, Eleanor Schnarr, artist, writer and student at the Center for Swedenborgian Studies, explores the connections between fiction, spirit, and Swedenborgian spirituality.

Click below for a printable PDF version of Schnarr’s article:

Eleanor Schnarr, artist, mystic, poet and theologian, is the field intern at the Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel. An accomplished artist and writer, she has taken clerical initiation in the Saiva Siddhanta Hindu sampradaya and is on the path towards ordination in the Swedenborgian Church of North America. Her ministry and creative practice revolves around the teaching and development of the ‘Sacred Systems of Interoception’ across wisdom traditions from around the world, Systems which serve as tools to open up the interior senses and connect us with a higher reality. Through her work with the Swedenborg Chapel, she will be offering a series of sermons which will explore more of these deeply human ideas and practices in the coming months.

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