Swedenborg’s “Rules” and the 4 Paths of Yoga

Rev. Thom Muller

In this sermon, delivered at the Swedenborgian Society of the East Bay in El Cerrito, CA, Rev. Muller explores Swedenborg’s “Rules of Life” and the “Four Paths of Yoga”.

Below is a visual aid which relates the “Rules” and “Paths”:

If you are interested in the subject, click below for an article on Swedenborg’s “Rules of Life”, including a more in-depth history, by the Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence (referenced in the sermon):

Rev. Thom Muller is pastor at the Swedenborgian Society of the East Bay at Hillside, an Urban Sanctuary, in El Cerrito, CA, as well as senior editor of Our Daily Bread. His passions include the intersection of spirituality and psychology, interfaith theology, and the Western esoteric tradition. A native of Germany, Rev. Muller was ordained into the ministry of the Swedenborgian Church of North America in 2016, upon receiving his theological education at Bryn Athyn College and the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA.

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