NCBS Introduces New “Swedenborg Reader” App

-Rev. Thom Muller, Managing Editor, Our Daily Bread

Throughout the years, there have been numerous efforts to digitalize the works of Emanuel Swedenborg and to make them available online, free of charge. The Swedenborg Foundation offers free PDF versions of many of their publications, and you may be familiar with “NewSearch” at These efforts have now reached a new milestone, with the first official Swedenborg app!

If you are a reader of the Writings, there is a good chance you are already familiar with the New Christian Bible Study project at The website provides easy, searchable access to Emanuel Swedenborg’s published theological works, as well as Bible translations and other relevant materials:

This year, the NCBS team has completed their creation of the “Swedenborg Reader” a mobile app, available free of charge for both Android and Iphone in the respective app store. The great advantage to this tool is offline mobile access to Swedenborg’s works. While the regular website works great for use on your phone or tablet when internet access is available, “Swedenborg Reader” allows you to download and search several translations of the Writings “on the go” while offline. This is a great new tool for folks who are travelling, or do not have reliable mobile internet access.

The app can be easily downloaded and installed. Below is an example, using the “Google Play Store” on an Android device:

First, open the “Google Play Store” app, and search “Swedenborg Reader”:

Download and open the app as prompted:

View materials by clicking on the cloud icon, and download via the green cloud icon on the right:

You can now access the downloaded book offline:

The app allows you to create your own library of downloaded materials:

We would like to thank the NCBS team of scholars and volunteers for their continuing efforts to provide free, easy, convenient access to the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in the 21st century. There are no fees associated with any NCBS programs and services, and we encourage you to consider making a free-will donation to support this important work.

You can make a contribution by clicking the “donate” button on the bottom of the main website,

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