The Spiritual World -Julie Conaron

In this reflection, lifelong Swedenborgian and interfaith minister Julie Conaron discusses experiences of the spiritual world from a Swedenborgian angle.

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Julie Conaron is an Interfaith and Swedenborgian minister, after more than 20 years as a microbiologist. Now officially “retired,” she served as a Hospice Chaplain for 8 ½ years, an occasional minister for 5 years, and a volunteer in a local hospital in Pastoral Care and Hospice for 2 ½ years. She now provides short, virtual services for 2 facilities and others until she can provide actual services again.

1 thought on “The Spiritual World -Julie Conaron

  1. Shalu Wertheim says:

    Dear Julie
    I just happened to read your article in New Church about losing your husband.
    I have just lost my husband and soul mate on Jan 3, 2023 at a very young age of 50. It was a shock that out of nowhere such a healthy , fit and energetic man could suffer s massive stroke which caused severe brain damage. He was to have no quality of life and, we made the decision to take him off the ventilator. This has been a traumatizing and most hurtful experience in my life. I cannot even begin to see my life without
    Leoni. It was always just the two of Us. We did Everything Together. We built our dream of having a place out in the country peaceful and quiet. We Have a Farm in Winchester, VA with Horses , Geese and a
    Parrot who are our children. I now stand here feeling Alone and Lonely. We buried his cremations here on the Farm. Leoni’ s presence is Everywhere but not being here to physically hold really hurts. Everyone says I need to be strong but, it is Easier said than done . And when you have such a close bond as We Did and lose it , feels as if You are left with All this Empty space.


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